September/October 2007 Tour Scrapbook

Click the pics for a bigger version of each photo.  Note that they were taken on my mobile phone and thus may not be the best quality......

Aberdeen sc.jpg (34436 bytes)
Aberdeen Soundcheck
Aberdeen.jpg (25648 bytes)
Aberdeen show
Andres hat.jpg (21749 bytes)
Day 0; Andres' hat didn't fit in the tour bus and had to be left at the rehearsal studios...
Bilston sc.jpg (26234 bytes)
Bilston soundcheck
Toby and fan.jpg (31577 bytes)
Toby and "fan"!
Bilston sc2.jpg (29959 bytes)
Bilston soundcheck #2
Bilston sc3.jpg (26705 bytes)
Bilston soundcheck #3
Bolton 2.jpg (37734 bytes)
Bolton show
Bolton guitars.jpg (28158 bytes)
Guitars in their stand at the Bolton venue
Toby rosyth sc.jpg (30961 bytes)
Rosyth soundcheck
Bolton sc.jpg (39757 bytes)
Bolton Soundcheck
Bolton sc2.jpg (37969 bytes)
Bolton soundcheck #2
Bolton stage.jpg (41883 bytes)
Bolton stage loaded with Toby's and The Venus Guns' equipment....not  awhole lot of room!
Bolton venue.jpg (25677 bytes)
Moses Gate, Bolton.  Not the seediest place in the world.....
Mansfield stage.jpg (29359 bytes)
The stage at Mansfield...looks like a guitar shop!
Cardiff 1.jpg (23275 bytes)
Cardiff show #1
Cardiff 2.jpg (31308 bytes)
Cardiff show #2
Dundee sc.jpg (28421 bytes)
Dundee soundcheck
Dundee stage.jpg (17121 bytes)
Dundee stage
Rosyth.jpg (33112 bytes)
Rosyth show
Glasgow sc.jpg (26057 bytes)
Glasgow soundcheck
Hull sc.jpg (30031 bytes)
Hull soundcheck
Hull.jpg (20755 bytes)
Hull show
Image018.jpg (16237 bytes)
Dundee show
Southampton.jpg (26324 bytes)
Southampton show
Image021.jpg (22981 bytes)
Dave's "birthday" boobs unlit.....
Image022.jpg (31061 bytes)
.....Dave's "birthday" boobs lit!
Image023.jpg (24294 bytes)
Random but nice diner on the way up to Scotland
Image025.jpg (239293 bytes)
Random poster advertising Toby's gig
Southampton sc.jpg (38885 bytes)
Southampton soundcheck
Image026.jpg (43865 bytes)
Andres "relaxing" on the road....
Image027.jpg (16956 bytes)
At the Scotland/England border crossing post-Scottish leg of the tour
Image028.jpg (20101 bytes)
At the Scotland/England border crossing post-Scottish leg of the tour #2
Image029.jpg (28754 bytes)
At the Scotland/England border crossing post-Scottish leg of the tour #3
Southampton sc2.jpg (30980 bytes)
Southampton soundcheck #2
Image031.jpg (32906 bytes)
Dean's first breaking out of the Flying V at The Diamond in Mansfield
Image032.jpg (21783 bytes)
An arty shot of a bottle of wine; this was the result of Toby's attempt to open it without a bottle opener.....
Image033.jpg (28961 bytes)
Random shot of a dressing room sign (really can't remember where this is from sadly...could be London)
Image034.jpg (34510 bytes)
The worlds only copy of Guitar, Bass And Drums EP #1 with a tracklist on it!
Mansfield 3.jpg (39010 bytes)

Mansfield show #2

Kendle sc.jpg (27161 bytes)
Kendle soundcheck
Leeds sc.jpg (29549 bytes)
Leeds soundcheck
Leeds sc2.jpg (29363 bytes)
Leeds soundcheck #2
Leeds.jpg (18555 bytes)
Leeds show
Mansfield 4.jpg (41667 bytes)
Mansfield show #3

London sc.jpg (30057 bytes)
London soundcheck
London sign.jpg (26020 bytes)
London - sign outside the venue
London.jpg (13884 bytes)
London show
Mansfield 2.jpg (33217 bytes)
Mansfield show
Mansfield sc1.jpg (36060 bytes)
Mansfield soundcheck
Mansfield.jpg (18096 bytes)
Mansfield show #2
Mk1.jpg (32285 bytes)
Milton Keynes show
Mk2.jpg (37138 bytes)
Milton Keynes show #2
Tour bus.jpg (14558 bytes)
The tour bus
Image009.jpg (22220 bytes)
Another roadside diner
Image006.jpg (14051 bytes)
The Fourth bridge (I think!)